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Volunteer Badges
Volunteer Badges

Volunteer Badges

Your first impression is all about making your guests feel welcome and known. Our Volunteer Badges are perfect for making your team stand out so the next time a first-time guest is searching for those next steps, they’ll know exactly who to look for.

Printing Option
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Our custom, full-color, Volunteer Badges are printed on high-quality 30-mil (material). Laminated on both sides for maximum durability. These badges have a slot in the top center that will fit most ID card clips, lanyards or retractable reels. Our Volunteer Badges can be cleaned or sanitized with soap and water which makes it perfect for writing your name on.

This product only includes the Volunteer Badge. ID Card Clips, Lanyards, Retractable Reels and more can be purchased separately.

If you need a custom size, quantity or finish, please submit your request on our custom quote page.