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Stretch Tension Displays
Stretch Tension Displays

Stretch Tension Displays

With a sleek, thin frame and curved corners, our Stretch Tension Displays make for a great alternative to our Fabric Pop Up Displays or Retractable Banners. The Stretch Tension Display can be printed single or double-sided for maximum exposure. PRO TIP: You can print a different graphic on both sides, allowing you to feature two different ministries or messages with a simple flip of the sign!

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Quickly assemble in just 5 minutes. Slide the tubes together and lock them in place with a push button snap to make the frame. Then simply pull the pillowcase graphic over the frame and zip it shut. The bottom zipper, hidden from view, tightens the stretch fabric beautifully displaying your graphic from edge to edge.


(1) Aluminum Frame & Base

(1) Graphic Print

(1) Travel Case* – Currently Unavailable