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Sidewalk Signs (Single Sided)
Sidewalk Signs (Single Sided)

Sidewalk Signs (Single Sided)

Sidewalk Signs are the perfect way to display directional information or welcome guests into your church! PRO TIP: Flip the Sidewalk Sign inserts when storing to avoid scuffing your graphics.

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Our Sidewalk Signs hold (2) 24″ x 36″ coroplast inserts which are 4mm thick. Our Sidewalk Sign hardware features a “stay tab” mounting method which makes inserting and swapping graphics easy.

Our Sidewalk Sign Frames are available in both white and black. The frame is 20lbs and is manufactured from plastic, so this unit will never rust or splinter. A carrying handle located at the top of the sign makes this unit portable and easy to carry. “Fill holes” allow this unit to be filled with sand for additional stability if desired.


(1) Sidewalk Sign Frame
(2) SINGLE-SIDED 24″ x 36″ Printed Coroplast Inserts (Up to two different graphics)
If you upgrade to Double-Sided Inserts; you can provide up to four different graphics.