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Feather Flags
Feather Flags

Feather Flags

Showcase your events and grab the attention of your community with a feather flag. This product is economical solution for showcasing yourself in the community.

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Our Feather Flags come in various sizes with your option of a spike or x-base to fit your location’s needs. All of our flags now utilize a durable black fabric trim which is sewn on the edge of the graphic (pole-side) making them much more durable to withstand the elements.

Flags are measured based on full assembly. Bottom of hardware + base to top of flag graphic.

For single-sided flags, our ink heavily saturates the polyester mesh fabric to create a “bleed-through” effect.

For double-sided flags, we print two (2) separate flags, and we place silver-gray blocker material in the middle. All 3 pieces of fabric are sewn together to create a non-see-through double-sided flag.

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