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Canopy Tents
Canopy Tents

Canopy Tents

Canopy Tents are the perfect way to stay cool and showcase your church. Attract attention and stand up to the elements with our custom Canopy Tents. PRO TIP: Don’t miss special holidays. Make Dads feel important on Father’s Day, Moms feel special on Mother’s Day, and guests feel welcome on Easter!

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Our full-color Canopy Tents are an excellent way to provide shade during outdoor events, but can be used inside too! Setup is quick, easy and user-friendly with the telescopic aluminum legs that lock into place. Our dye-sub printed canopy is durable, water-resistant and will withstand everyday setup.


(1) Dye-Sub Custom Print Canopy

(1) Aluminum Frame (Hex leg thickness: 40mm)

(1) Dust Cover*